Hosanna Family Church -
About Us
Thank you for taking the time to find out more about HFC and our community.
Hosanna Family Church is a church of diversity. There is room for everyone, not a command and control church but an empowerment and release church. A church of relationships rather than rules. We build bridges and tear down barricades. The barriers that separate us should be removed and bridges should be built. We do not tolerate diversity, we celebrate it. We celebrate all nationalities, age and people. There is room for the old school and the new school. There is room for you.
HFC is a non-denominational, multicultural spirit-filled church, wholly committed to raising up a people of purpose and excellence whose dedication is to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
HFC works to see lives changed and enriched by the power of the Holy Spirit, also help believers find their God-given purpose and reach their destiny.
HFC cultivates an environment where all God's people can grow and mature in the things of God.This ministry aspires to meet both the natural and spiritual needs of men and women, especially those in our community. Our calling is one of evangelism, mission work and to reach the lost and dying souls.